The Seattle Community Colocation Project has expanded!

We recently added an additional server rack and we finally have space for new members again. For those that have been waiting thanks for your patience, please (re)submit your requests now. Act soon, we expect to fill up quickly.

What is Community Colo?

The Seattle Community Colocation Project (SCCP) provides server colocation to non-profits, social justice organizations, free software projects, and linux hobbyists on a sliding scale and donation basis. The project is similar to other established and fledgling community colocation projects.

What is colocation?

It's a secure and stable way to host servers, within large commercial datacenters built expressly for this purpose. Servers are mounted in locked, climate-controlled cabinets, under the protection of active and passive security measures. Perhaps most valuable is the extremely fast internet connection provided, coupled with backup generators in case of a power outage. Almost all servers on the internet are in colocation facilities or in huge private datacenters.

DMCA Policy
SCCP's policy regarding the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.
Request Colocation
Make a request to colocate a server with SCCP.
About SCCP
History, purpose, and requirements for joining the Seattle Community Colocation Project.
Mailing Lists
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Make a donation online or by mail.
Rackmount Tips
Tips for colocation and rackmounting.
Terms of Service
Terms of Service agreement for all services provided by SCCP.

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